Just how many things can your iPod touch do? Well, if you have the brains and determination like Polymythic, you’re able to come up with an iPod touch-controlled target range with a little help from friends like an Arduino microcontroller board, an ioBridge panel and three servos. Here’s a brief description from Polymythic on how this project came about.

“A friend of mine who is something of an avid shooter had mentioned the lack of affordable “action” type targets. After some discussion, we determined it would be fun to build such a contraption for some indoor airsoft practice. The Arduino Diecimilia was a great choice for the “programming side” of things (I have 2 of them, he has one as well). As a shooter, you would want to be up-range from the targets, so having something portable with a web interface was a great solution so nobody would have to be “in the line of fire”. The iPod Touch and the ioBridge module I used in another recent project. Of course, why build a custom target enclosure when I could snap one together with my Construx.”

Talk about an ingenious side project! Something to keep you occupied during summer, we guess.

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