Woman Bites Driver Because Of Non-Hybrid Bus

Talk about an occupational hazard – a veteran bus driver was bitten in his arm when a female passenger realized that he wasn’t driving a hybrid bus. According to MTA driver Peter Williams, “She came on the bus, and she said she waited more than an hour for a hybrid. I said, ‘I’m not in control of what bus is assigned to me.'” Apparently the passenger, 49-year old Shelia Bolar, started hollering at Williams after she boarded the Broadway bus. Once she was done with her tirade, she grabbed his arm despite warnings from Williams to let him get on with his job without endangering the lives of passengers on the bus. At W. 79th St., Williams let everyone off and asked a dispatcher for help, but Shelia was fast enough to actually bite through a jacket, a sweater and a thick shirt, resulting in a bruise and swelling. The next time somebody asks, all of us here at Ubergizmo drive hybrid vehicles, OK?

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