Amazon kindle 2 Launched

Amazon just launched its kindle 2 and it is just like the leaked photos. It is thin: 25% thinner than the iPhone and that’s not it. Here are the improvements over the first generation:

  • More storage: 7 times
  • Battery Life: +25%
  • Grey levels: 16 (versus 4)
  • Page turning: 20% faster
  • Speech Synthesizer (robotic voice)

Each launch needs its share of celebrities and Stephen King was there for the kindle 2.

Update: The kindle 2 will cost $359 and Amazon is accepting pre-orders today. The first units will ship on the 24th of this month. Kindle 1 owners will have priority! Get the complete information on the Kindle 2 home page

Plug: Have you heard of Ubergizmo, kindle edition?

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