Intel Westmere   Press Conference Gallery
Intel Westmere   Press Conference Gallery

Photo: Stephen L. Smith, Intel VP, presenting the integrated graphics and integrated memory controller in the new Westmere 32 nm CPU

Today we were at the Intel press conference announcing the new Westmere 32nm Processor built on the Core i7 micro-architecture. We published earlier this morning and now we are adding some photos of the demos that we saw there. In the gallery:

  • Westmere 32 nm Products ClarkDale (desktop) and Arrandale (notebook) roadmap
  • Arrandale demo with Spore and ClarkDale demo with Red Alert 3.
  • Intel 5 series chipset (2-chip solution) and Intel 4 series chipset (3-chip solution) comparison, live and chart on slide
  • Temperature on the Arrandale processor is 84.5 degree Fahrenheit, and room temperature is 76.1 degree Fahrenheit (2 photos). (note that there is a fan) usually the difference is 30 degrees.Francois Piednoel, Senior Performance Analyst at Intel looked very happy with this result.
  • Mark Bohr Intel Senior Fellow and Stephen L. Smith, Vice President, Director of Group Operations, Digital Enterprise Group
  • Tick-Tock development Model (slide from Intel)
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