KIT Eco Charger

If you’re a Nokia cell phone user, then chances are you might be interested in the KIT Eco Charger that is currently on sale in the UK for £23 a pop. What makes the KIT Eco Charger different from other standard chargers is the ability to turn itself off automatically once the phone is fully charged, allowing you to leave your handset connected to it all night long as you slumber without losing any sleep over the wanton waste of electricity. According to a Carphone Warehouse spokesperson, “If everyone in the UK used a KIT Eco Charger we would save approximately 300,000,000 kwh of electricity per year. At an average cost of 28.5p per kwh, that would be a collective saving as a country of £85m!” Sounds pretty cool – now to make sure everyone in the UK, from Queen to peasant, uses a Nokia.

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