[Mobile World Congress] The new Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs) will be based on Intel’s next-generation MID hardware platform, codenamed “Moorestown,” and will run on Moblin 2.0, a variant of Linux. LG believes that MIDs are good for LG: “The MID segment will drive growth at LG Electronics. We chose Intel’s next-generation Moorestown platform and Moblin-based OS to pursue this segment because of the high performance and Internet compatibility this brings to our service provider customers” (Jung Jun Lee, EVP of LG’s mobile division). Note that Ericsson has been chosen by LG to work on the 3G connectivity (Ericssonwill announcemore partnerships today…).


Moorestown will be an order of magnitude more power efficient than Atom, so we can imagine why manufacturers (and users) would be excited. It’s awesome to have a battery life that is leaps and bounds better, but we’re all still looking for applications that will make MIDs more useful. Personally, I see an opportunity to integrate a much better camera, thanks to the larger form factor (compared to a cell phone) – That’s for my own use but what do you think? How couldMIDs be more useful than they are today?

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