LG Arena Hands-On: LG is Getting It


[Mobile World Congress] The first generation of iPhones wanabees has not been pretty. Sure, they all had interesting physical designs, but the brains (user interface and applications) was mostly deficient. The user feedbackis there to tell the story. With the Arena, LG shows that it can learn from past mistakes (partly caused rushing “touch” products to ride the wave) and improve the user interface significantly.

The first sign of improvement is how responsive the user interface (UI) is. Little or no delay, fluid scrolling – this is always a good sign. And it’s fairly intuitive too. Some people who have tested it thoroughly (carriers may be?) have told us that some aspects are very iPhone-esque, and they were even surprised that Apple said nothing. On LG’s side, an employee told us that he would be shocked if Apple was going after them because they have not patented every single aspect of the iPhone, and that at some point patent wars become ridiculous anyway. What to take away from these comments is that the UI is good enough to generate them!

Add that to an impeccable physical design and an impressive list of technical features and you have a very interesting second generation touch phone. We don’t think of it as an “iPhone killer” at all, but we do notice that the gap between Apple and LG has just shrunk by a good margin.

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