NVIDIA Jumps on the Android Wagon with Both Feet, Expects Android to Outsell Windows Mobile by 2012

[Mobile World Congress] NVIDIA aims for a big entry into the MID world by providing one of the most, if not the most powerful multimedia platform for handheld devices, based on its upcoming Tegra APX 2600. In a PowerPoint deck, NVIDIA was referring to a “Strategy Analytics” report which predicts that Android will have more market share than Windows Mobile by 2012 – this would not be a small accomplishment.

Not so long ago, NVIDIA said that it had a laser focus on Windows Mobile, citing that it did not want to spread its software team too thin. They must have gotten the job done or NVIDIA has hired more mobile engineers because in 2009, NVIDIA and Google will be working together on Android. 2009 will also mark the year where devices based on the Tegra Platform will start to appear on the Market (the APX 2500 was launched in Barcelona a year ago). At the moment, NVIDIA points to the IAC S2 and Yulong N8, two devices that should appear towards Q3 and Q4 of 2009. These are unknown brands to most, but we suspect that announcements from more established brands will come as we move into 2009.

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