Rinspeed iChange Adapts To Passenger Count

Swiss auto manufacturer Rinspeed has come up with the iChange design, touted to be the first car in the world whose body is able to adapt to accommodate the number of passengers on board within seconds. From a single seater sports car, you can always drive home with a partner in tow (or alone if unsuccessful), while it can be turned into a family sedan for five when Uncle Larry and kids drop by for a visit. We guess such a structurally flexible vehicle will be safe enough since it has to conform to international safety standards, but what if one of the moving parts proves to be the weak link in a collision? The iChange weighs slightly more than a ton and is able to hit 100km/h from a standstill within four seconds, with a maximum speed of 220km/h. Pretty interesting concept, but we guess it won’t be out anytime soon due to manufacturing limitations.

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