Skype and Nokia Join Forces, Carriers in Tears

[Mobile World Congress] In short, Nokia will integrate Skype directly into its phones. This announcement is *huge*, mainly for Skype, but also for Nokia users in general. Skype will be integrated directly in the phones’ contacts so that you can see if your friends are connected through Skype or not. If they are, you can call them over WiFi or 3G. It is also possible to call landlines and other phones from SkypeOut, at a lower cost.

Right now, it looks like carriers won’t have much of a say in this matter, but the first idea that pops in mind is that they could eventually block the Skype Packets if they feel like its damaging their margins – although other ISPs have run into trouble for doing stuff like that. To be fair, we’re only guessing that carriers are in tears.

In any case, it’s great news for users, Skype and Nokia customers.

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