Apple: Pivotal Should Remove Pod out of their Podium product name

Apple is asking Pivotal to remove Pod from their Podium product name via a cease and desist (C&D). Podium is a hands-free iPhone stand. Here’s an extract of the C&D:

“The term POD has also been adopted and used extensively in the marketplace by consumers as an abbreviation to refer to Apple’s IPOD player. The IPOD and POD marks indicate to consumers that a broad range of products, including portable electronic devices, computer software, and related goods and services bearing those marks and marks similar thereto originate from or are sponsored or endorsed by Apple.”

Pivotal is right when they say that Apple might want to take a look in the dictionary before blasting C&Ds to them. However, it might be that the iMac-inspired podium design and using the same typography than the iPod in “Podium” pushed Apple over the edge… Oh well, drama du jour. What’s your take?

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