Castrade CV MP02 Pocket Projector

Castrade has rolled out its latest pocket projector for the masses – the CV-MP02. This model shares a great many resemblance as with the 3M Mpro110, although there are some subtle differences. Features of the MP02 include a brightness level of 10 ANSI lumens, VGA (640 x 480) resolution and reliance on LCoS display technology. You will also be able to connect via its composite and a VGA port which makes setting up the entire device more simple while keeping it light simultaneously. Not only that, the MP02 uses low power consuming LED lamps that generates virtually no heat for a silent running projector. The lithium-ion battery is able to run for at least four hours before it needs to be hooked up to the nearest lifeline. Expect to pick up the CV-MP02 in Japan for approximately $400 after conversion.

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