HDF10P 1 inch SSD Hits 8GB

Hagiwara Sys-Com decided to apply technology from 2.5″ solid state drives (SSDs) to a range of smaller 1″ drives, and the result of their efforts come in the form of the HDF10P which can currently tote around 8GB of data in such a phenomenally small form factor. Word has it that Hagiwara Sys-Com will also make available a 16GB model later this year as part of their efforts. Apparently, the company decided to place the TrueSSD controller in smaller drives, where static wear leveling helps prolong the life of such drives by by evenly distributing write operations across all cells in the media. The HFD10P will be connected via PATA interface, and is capable of hitting sustained read speeds at 39MB/s, while write speeds are slightly slower at 25MB/s.

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