Seagate Unveils SATA 3 Hard Drive

Seagate has just showed off a new hard drive that boasts a SATA 3, enabling it to transfer files at burst speeds up to 6Gbps – that translates to approximately 600MB/s in the real world, which is phenomenally fast. Currently, the SATA 2 interface is able to shift a theoretical maximum of 3Gbps, and SATA 3 is four times as fast as SATA drives that peak at just 1.5Gbps. This drive was tested on an AMD chipset (a prototype too) and we’re happy to know that SATA 3 products in the future are backwards compatible with current SATA and SATA 2 interfaces, so there is no need to go out and purchase new cables. At present, SATA 3 hard drives remain in the prototype stage but they’ll hit the market before the year is over for a yet undisclosed price.

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