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[ad:tech] ad:tech San Francisco ended today and I closed it with Kevin Rose’s keynote (check it out at A recurring question was about the future of advertising and how technology will support innovation in the industry. Kevin Rose is convinced that advertising will become highly interactive and will engage the audience around a piece of content, that is what Federated Media promotes, they name it “conversational marketing” , and Digg is part of the FM publishers network (so is Ubergizmo).

An interesting attempt to make advertising more engaging and interactive is Intelevision, launched during Steve Hayden’s keynote (Vice Chairman, Ogilvy Worldwide, photo). Based on the fact that 70% of youngsters browse the web while watching TV, offers a TV show discovery tool that allows viewers to watch TV and browse related information on their laptop simultaneously, offering innovative ads such as the possibility to order pizza or monitoring the ball speed during the US open for example (check the gallery).

Carol Kruse, VP Global Interactive Marketing, Coca Cola Company, who was awarded a lifetime achievement award at the show, stated that when it comes to build brand awareness, “nothing compares TV”, because people still watch TV. Well, when you have the budget of Coca Cola, it is easy to do so.

When I asked the people I know from the tech industry in the Silicon Valley about what they thought about the show, the most common answer was: ” there is nothing really new”… may be the advertising industry is busy surviving right now.

Check the ad:tech videos here. podcats of the sessions in a few weeks there:

Photos, speakers names:

1) Fear, Love and Advertising with Steve Hayden

  • Steve Hayden, Vice Chairman, Ogilvy Worldwide
  • Other participants’ names, update coming soon.

2) The State of the Industry (Presented by the IAB)


  • Randall Rothenberg, President and CEO, IAB


  • Rishad Tobaccowala, CEO, Denuo
  • Carol Kruse, VP, Global Interactive Marketing, The Coca-Cola Company
  • Neil Ashe, President, CBS Interactive
  • Jeff Berman, President of Sales and Marketing, MySpace

3) The Interview with Kevin Rose–The State of DIGG and Consumer Generated Media

INTERVIEWER: Evan Hansen, Editor-in-Chief,

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Kevin Rose, Founder and Chief Architect, Digg

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