DreamFace 2.0: Enterprise Social Networking and  Mobile services

[Web 2.0] DreamFace Interactive an enterprise web 2.0 apllications solutions provider, today launched DreamFace 2.0, its latest version. DreamFace 2.0 provides open source tools to build, use, and distribute widget-based “Enterprise 2.0” applications and mashups, such as Web sites, personal start pages, business analytics dashboards, interactive and social mashups, enterprise/community social networks, and enterprise applications. New features include an enhanced widget platform, a widget-based social networking framework, and mobile services. More info after the jump.

DreamFace Widget Platform

The Widget Library provides pre-built widgets that can be customized by developers. Users can personalize these widgets and create interaction between them using the Interaction Editor. Widgets can be easily integrated with existing enterprise software and can embed Ajax, Flex and any technology that can be displayed in a browser. Widgets are cross platform, desktop or mobile (Android, iPhone)and can be displayed in any website.

DreamFace Social Networking Framework

DreamFace Social networking framework manages user profiles with single sign-on, the platform is open so it can be easily connected to existing enterprise identity management systems such as LDAP to comply with corporate security policies. other than that, it has similar features as any social networking site that we know. I have not tested it though.

DreamFace 2.0 provides live broadcasting or publishing to mobile devices and users receiving alerts can interact with their DreamFace widgets and applications directly from their mobile. A mobile micor payment service is also provided with the mobile package.

Pricing and Availability

DreamFace 2.0 will be available under a dual-license open source model that is based on GPL 3.0. DreamFace 2.0 Beta 1, including the enhanced widget platform and the new mobile services features, will be available this month. DreamFace 2.0 Beta 2, including the social networking framework, will be available next month. The company offers annual technical support subscriptions in silver, gold, and platinum editions, with pricing beginning at $2,500. More info at www.dreamface-interactive.com/services.html.

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