Every Drop Counts Water Meter

Here’s something for those of us who want to take that extra step in conserving our environment so that our children would have some place to live in when we’re dead and gone – the Every Drop Counts Water Meter. This device will monitor your water usage while detecting running, dripping and leaky pipes without hitting your pocket for additional damage. It is clamped onto the pipe itself and will not, in any way, interfere with the water-flow system. It is easy and cost effective, where all relevant data will be shown on the detachable display including the amount of water usage, where it is being used as well as the current tap water temperature. Designer Ulrik Svenningsen has this to say about Every Drop Counts, “Imagine all European cities cutting their water consumption down by 20 percent within a few years. The Every Drop Counts meter is aiming for just that. Based on cost allocation technology that has proven to save between 20 and 30 percent of heating consumption where applied, combined with a known method for detecting water leakages this new concept for water metering has a host of advantages over traditional water meters.”

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