Mnemonic Reminder Tool

It can be heartbreaking to see someone close and dear to you suffering from diseases that ravage the mind, especially Alzheimer’s which causes the afflicted to lose his/her memory with time, where even once familiar faces have become as strangers. Technology for all its advancement has failed to stem the tide of this delibitating disease, but hopefully something like the Mnemonic device concept will be able to stave off the effects of this disease a bit longer. This device aims to be the constant companion of an Alzheimer’s patient as it helps one be more independent, reminding one about the little and important things/people in life at a glance. The wrist wrap makes sure the display is always on top thanks to a built-in accelerometer, and as the caregiver, you are able to program reminders and instructions for the patient to follow from time to time. Sounds more like a strap-on digital photo frame to us.

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