PupInk: Web to Print via Quality PDF Layouts


[Web 2.0] PupInk is a web service that allows users to generate high quality PDF layouts from web pages in one click. Websites owners can use the default PDFs templates provided by Pupink or create their own, the service charges websites 1 cent (euro) per printed page, the first thousand pages are free. Major brands are attracted by this high quality and easy to use web-to-print solution that produces marketing materials similar to brochures or magazines.

Embeddable in any website within hours, PupInk offers new advertising models for online media: ads can be displayed within the generated PDFs. PupInk is a service powered by WEDIA, the leading European software editor for content management and cross-media publishing. See examples of Pupink capabilities in the pictures: picture above, on the right the Hotel Fifty Five web page on expedia.com, on the right the PupInk PDF generated from it. After the jump, another PDF template for the same web page and the browser default printing page.

You can test the RSS-to-print feature here: select any RSS feed and transform any article in a PDF page.

PupInk: Web to Print via Quality PDF Layouts

Hotel Fifty Five PDF template “Modern” (content from the expedia page displayed above).

PupInk: Web to Print via Quality PDF Layouts

Hotel Fifty Five page on Expedia.com default printing

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