PXP 900 Offers Retro Gaming In Modern Body

The PXP-900 might actually fool the less knowledgable into thinking this is a Sony PSP, but take a closer look and you’ll realize that this is but a retro gaming machine that was specially packaged to keep up with the times. You will need to obtain a bunch of illegal gaming ROMs if you want to take advantage of it, handling titles from the golden years of the NES, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Super Famicom and Sega MegaDrive. The 2GB of onboard storage ought to be more than enough to store all the top titles from the mentioned consoles, and has the ability to handle video and audio playback on its 4.3″ display as well. Other features include a TV out connector, an integrated camera and a built-in FM radio. An SD memory card slot is there to further augment the 2GB internal memory. You will have to fork out $89.99 for the PXP-900 as it comes in black, white, red or blue colors.

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