Scopedog Turbo Custom Kindles The Inner Kid You

You might be all brawn on the outside but take one look at the Scopedog Turbo Custom and chances are you might have to hold a talk with your other half on spending some of the “our money” for the month on the Scopedog. Why, you ask? Well, how easy is it to resist a remote controlled robot that not only is able to move about on its “roller dash”, but is able to fire (imaginary rounds) with its assault rifle. Unfortunately, this 25th year commemoration since the 1980s robo-action anime VOTOMS first hit the air is pretty steep at $250 a pop, but hey – nobody said that collectibles would come cheap, right? When your 1/24 scale Scopedog Turbo Custom shoots its infrared rifle at other Scopedogs, the “shot” Scopedog’s controller will vibrate and play a corresponding sound. Guess this is a pretty good candidate for folks who want to go on a robo-rampage in a safe manner.

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