Amazon Kindle DX: Official Info and Price

The Kindle DX has appeared on Amazon’s website and we can now confirm the previously leaked specs: 9.7″ display (16 gray levels), auto portrait/landscape mode, PDF reader, wireless 3G, “days” of battery, text to speech.

The price is set at $489, which is not bad compared to the $359 6″ Kindle. We actually prefer this larger version by far. Amazon is taking pre-orders of the Kindle DX, but there’s no estimated delivery date other than “this summer”.

Update: here’s a quick description of pro, cons and “may be”.


  • A big screen is great
  • No monthly fee


  • No zoom, scroll or pan
  • Books are not cheap compared to the paper version (especially used ones)
  • The lack of PDF support for the Kindle 2 is painful. Some users were pissed this morning as they bought their Kindle 2 last month.

Price: Many were complaining about the pricing of the device ($450+). Yes, it is too expensive for mass acceptance, but there’s no real competitor on the market and it seems to sell well, so the price is certainly what the market can bear. Also, I’d like to point out that if you subscribe to many magazines and buy books and or send big files to your Kindle, the cost of the content adds up quickly. If you think that it is too expensive, just don’t buy it and wait…

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