Amazon: No Color Kindle For Quite a While

The Kindle won’t have a color screen “for quite a while”, said Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon. But he gives “hope” by saying that this is something that they are working on.

Some already complain that the Kindle is too expensive (we think that eBooks are too expensive), so imagine what would happen if a color display was added. In time, it will happen however.

We think that Amazon is still working on the fundamental value proposition of this product. At the moment, the content is still relatively expensive and it will take time before publishers realize that they can’t charge near dead-tree price for an electronic version. Just look at the music industry. Prices have to come down.

When investors asked how many Kindles had been sold sold, Jeff Bezos declined to reveal the number. Links: Kindle 2 Review, More Kindle stories

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