Apple Buying Twitter? We Call Bull On That

The rumor du jour is that Apple is negotiating with Twitter to acquire the fast-growing micro blogging site. Previous rumors involved Google buying the service. A Google acquisition would make sense, as they don’t have a good real-time “probe” what what’s happening. They have blog search, but it is not real-time.

When it comes to a Twitter acquisition by Apple, that seems extremely unlikely simply because there’s no long term strategic affinity between the two companies. Apple can’t turn Twitter into a strategic advantage without alienating the majority of PC users. We could talk about a better Twitter integration, but really, how much value does it add for mass market products like Apple’s – especially given that 60% of Twitterers are Quitterers. Obviously, anything is possible, but we would be shocked if Apple was going for Twitter. At best, they’ll make some kind of deal, but that’s it.

Update: There’s also a rumor about Apple buying EA this morning. It seems equally unfounded

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