First Photo of Intels Larrabee

Intel has released a few photos of Larrabee’s die (chip silicon). Forum members at Beyond 3D were speculating about the number and nature of the blocks that can be seen with the naked eye. The consensus hovers around 32-core, 8 texture mapping blocks (TMUs) and a 384-bit bus is rumored. Spotting the X86 cores is pretty easy, thanks to their level 2 cache (the bright little square), but the nature of other blocks are fun to speculate on, although I did spend only a minute on the fuzzy photos.

Anyway, the news is that the chip exists physically and we can only assume that Intel is working hard on the software, drivers and performance right now. If you want to see all the speculation, head to beyond3d. The photos came from [Thanks A.]

We suspect that Intel has a larger 48-core Larrabee chip. Also, we don’t know anything about the frequency, which is a critical Performance element

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