iPhone 3 Tap Autofocus Feature Spotted

UMPCFeaver (in Chinese) has posted photos of what it claims to be the autofocus feature of the upcoming iPhone OS 3.0. some claim that the OS 3.0 will also boost the image quality from old phones, but if the iPhone 3rd Generation’s camera has an autofocus, it would make things even sweeter.

From the screenshots, it looks like users can tap to indicate where they want the focus to be.

Update: the UMPCfever page has been removed since

There is currently mixed opinions about whether or not these photos were taken on the new camera hardware. The photo quality is too poor to confirm anything, but we’ve seen photo improvements on iPhone 2nd Generation hardware, due to better software image processing in OS 3.0. On the other hand, the actual tap autofocus was not demonstrated before, and *should* work effectively only on the new camera, which doesn’t seem to be the case here: the tap zone is not particularely sharp.

iPhone 3 Tap Autofocus Feature Spotted
These iPhone OS 3 photos are similar with the ones posted in early May

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