MSI X340 Review: The Slick Without The Punch, The Price And The Heat

Laptop magazine has taken the time to review the MSI X340 and has basically documented what we were expecting to see. You can read the full review here (video), but the bottom-line is that the MSI X340 is a great-looking laptop that has a Macbook Air look, without the CPU horsepower, the price ($1800), reported heat problems or short battery life.

Look at it like a “deluxe” netbook if you want, but the combination of ultra-portability, large display and decent battery life (3hrs38mn measured with a 4-cell battery) makes this a very interesting computer for those who don’t require more power. But wait, the X340 is not impotent, it can play 720p videos and should handle productivity apps well, although no one has tested Microsoft Office on it.

In absolute terms, this is not a replacement for the Air. However, depending on your needs, it could well be a great alternative, especially for those who were going to install Windows on the Air (you could install Mac OS on it, with some hacking). Now what we really want is a MSI X Series with an Ion chipset. We hope that MSI jumps on that boat in June.

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