Samsung Jack Just Launched by AT&T
Samsung Jack Just Launched by AT&T

AT&T introduces a new Windows Mobile 6.1 smartphone called the Samsung Jack, as known as Samsung i637. The announcement is not a surprise for regular readers who have spotted the FCC approval of the i637 back on March 2. AT&T went for the “jack” name, but they could have called it the Blackjack III.

Don’t sweat too much about Windows 6.1. It’s old, but it’s OK for QWERTY phones and secondly the Samsung Jack can be upgraded to Windows Mobile 6.5 when it comes out. Here are the details:

  • GSM, 3G
  • Push Email (Microsoft Direct Push), Compatible with Exchange Server
  • WiFi G/B
  • GPS + aGPS (AT&T navigator)
  • 256MB RAM
  • 3.2 Megapixel camera
  • Micro SD slot (16GB max)
  • Display resolution suspected to be 320×240

It looks like a solid Windows Mobile phone, but there’s something weird about this keyboard: why would anyone shrink the space bar to add the following buttons: AT&T, GPS, Camera and Email? It feels like two of these should go away and replaced with a larger space button.

The Jack will be available on May 19th for $100 (with a 2-yr contract, a $40/mo data plan and a $100 rebate).

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