Verizon Gets The Palm Pre In 6 Months

Lowell McAdam, the CEO of Verizon, said today that his company would get the Palm Pre and the Blackberry Storm 2 in about six Months. The news helped push Palm’s stock to $11.66 (+9.31%) at publish time. Back in December, Palm’s price hit $1.42, just prior to CES.

Not only this is good news for Palm, but this most importantly great for Verizon customers anxious to get into the Pre action. Now Palm has the #2 and #3 US carriers and AT&T has basically said that it will join when the Sprint exclusive deal expire. That’s in 6 months, apparently.

Observers note that Sprint is currently doing all the heavy lifting for the Pre marketing blitz, and other carriers might greatly benefit from it. Let’s see if Sprint’s first-move will pay off. [via sfgate]

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