1000 Years Memory Device In Japan

A journalist from the Nikkei told me about this device last week: the idea is that someone find data storage media is not sufficiently reliable as they live for a few decades and might fail. We suppose that they are thinking about CDs and DVDs, or tapes.

Japanese researchers have set the goal of creating a data storage medium that would last 1000 years. For reach their objective, they are using chips to store the information and some sort of high-speed wireless transfer to move data around. The project is led by Prof. Kuroda, shown in this photo.

If this is a consumer product, it sounds a lot like some sort of fancy flash-memory. If it is a business product, we think that (serious) businesses don’t keep their data on CDs or Tapes (that could be a last-ditch backup), but on redundant hard drives arrays that would be regularly upgraded over the years. Finally, who’s going to have a proper reader in a thousand years? huh? What do you think?

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