Cobra SL3 Radar Detector

Frankly, there is no need for something like the standalone Cobra SL3 GPS-enabled radar detector if you’ve been following rules on the road all your life, but for those who love to take advantage of all that horsepower underneath the hood, this is the device for you to help you avoid getting more tickets than necessary whenever you floor the gas. In addition, it will also help alert you of driving threats across the country including red lights and caution areas courtesy of information from its AURA database that uses different colored LEDs as well as beeps and tones to alert you of an upcoming speed camera. If you go too fast though, it might not help save to cover your face and claim it was your long lost brother who took your car out for a spin when the police question you. The SL3 can also hold up to 1,000 locations classified as ‘threats’ for added customization. Do you think the $100 Cobra SL3 is worth every penny?

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