Double Twists Ad Ripped Down by BART before WWDC; too dark, really?

DoubleTwist is founded by former hacker “DVD Jon” Johansen Lech, known for breaking the movie protection code at age 16, allowing anybody to rip a DVD to a computer. He was sued and acquitted in Oslo. DoubleTwist, a start-up based in San Francisco, delivers “the cure for iPhone envy”, breaking your iTunes catalog free from Apple devices: you can share media files across phones and non-Apple devices easily, check the DoubleTwist page.

A DoubleTwist ad was put up on Friday afternoon at the BART station just below the Apple store (photo on the left), but it was taken down shortly after the co-founders of DoubleTwist went over to check it out. They were told by BART that the ad was “too dark” (i.e. not letting enough light into the station – the ad is actually transparent). According to DoubleTwist, the ad is supposed to be erected again on Tuesday, but it was originally scheduled to go up on Monday morning for the start of the WWDC.

The ad placement is brilliant and we wonder if Apple had anything to do with this, knowing how controlling the company is with its own brand. Read more on Jon’s blog.

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