E3: Nintendo announcements


The Nintendo press conference at E3 is over and we are running to the Sony event, follow it on our live site.

Lots of announcement for Nintendo, check out the photo gallery too:

  • New Super mario bros for the Wii, will be available for the Holiday season 2009
  • New Wii Fit Plus with 6 new activites that can be mixed and matched to challenge your body
  • New Wii controller, that “feels more real” according to Nintendo
  • Sky diving and archery demo to showcase Wii Motion Plus – good demos
  • EA’s Tiger Wood and Sega’s Virtua Tennis will come up with support for Wii Motion Plus
  • Ubisoft Red Steel 2 will be playable ONLY with Wii Motion Plus.
  • Final Fantasy Crystal Bearers Trailer was shown
  • Mario & Luigi Bowbr’s Inside Story will launch in Fall 2009, they are both reduce to the size of microbes inside Bowbr’s body
  • Golden Sun returns on the Nintendo DS!
  • Women’s Murder Club: detective game on Nintendo DS.
  • 1 Million Nintendo DSI Sold
  • Donkey Kong user generated content: make your own levels starting next Monday
  • Facebook access from the DSI! This summer, you will be able to upload photo taken on your DSI to Facebook.
  • Wii Vitality Sensor announced!
  • New 3D Mario Game Announced!
  • Resident Evil for Wii was shown

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