Intel and Nokia just announced that they will join forces to “shape the mobile industry” by collaborating on the development of open source platforms, but also possibly on hardware (materials…) and R&D. Before everyone gets excited, today’s announcement is not about providing CPUs to Nokia phones in the short-term. Instead, both companies have announced their intention to work together where it is mutually beneficial .

The whole thing was a little vague, but Nokia said that it will look at Intel’s architecture to build new devices, although no dates or products were referred to. Nokia also said that ARM will continue to be a strong partner of Nokia. Intel will license Nokia’s HSPA 3G technology from Nokia, possibly to integrate it into its own WIMAX chips. As we expected oFono, maemo, moblin and Linux-based open operating system were the star of the show.

In the current state of affairs, Intel’s CPU could be used in a Nokia Tablet, but Intel is not yet ready to power a mobile phone. On the Nokia side, there is quite a lot of software work to do before getting something running on Intel’s X86 architecture.

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