Remote Control RMS Titanic

The ship that is so majestic that even God won’t be able to sink it – famous last words, indeed. Well, you can now own a scaled down replica of the RMS Titanic and have the opportunity to make it last much longer than the original with proper care and guidance as you use the remote control to steer her through the nefarious ice cubes blocking her path in your swimming pool. This 1:150 scale model is made up from more than 300 handcrafted pieces, where each model eats up more than 400 man hours of assembly. All that hard work will translate into a rather high price tag – $2,500 to be exact. It comes with a trio of propellers that are powered by an equal number of 550-watt electric motors. A couple of rechargeable batteries offer up to 3 hours of travel time at 5mph.

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