Starcraft Lessons For Sale


Starcraft is practically an institution in South Korea and Mr. ByunTae, a “100% full-blooded Korean” in his own words is offering Starcraft training for those who are willing to spare anything from $20 to $35 each hour. Some of the topics he’ll cover include :-

  • Muta stacking
  • Lurker stop and stacking
  • Cloacked zergling
  • Learn Korean lango, like “chobo” “gosu” “ww” etc
  • Advanced micro/macro management (able to stand off 12 zerglings with just 3 zealots or fend off 18 zealots with just 4 cannons) <- EXTREME SKILL

We suppose such skills learnt would not be lost when the sequel to this best selling RTS comes out, eh?

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