Wii Bowling Peripheral

Just when you thought that you’ve seen about every Wii peripheral possible, along comes this model that aims to give you a greater level of realism when it comes to bowling. Yes, this Wiimote accessory lets you mimic the critical motions involved in hitting a strike, and requires you to press the release button to open the ball in half and place the Wiimote within before closing the ball. Place your fingers in the three holes and you’re good to go virtually. We wonder whether this will come in varying weights to add to the realism, and woe to the person who fails to strap this on but instead let it fly out of their fingers and towards the TV during more frenzied gaming moments. Needless to say, this peripheral will work nice with virtually all bowling games designed for the Wii, although we don’t know when will it be released nor how much will it cost.

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