Apple Tablet out for Christmas?

You might have seen our earlier coverage about the upcoming Apple Tablet, which was said to be coming early next year. Well, UK’s Financial Times believes that it will come as early as September – date around which Apple usually refreshes its line-up for the holidays.

If you completely missed the boat: the Apple Tablet is said to be a 10″ device, without any physical keyboard. Think of it as a “big iPod Touch”. At the moment, it is not clear which operating system (OS) it will use, but it could be the iPhone’s OS, because we think that it will use an ultra-low power hardware. Some call it a potential “kindle Killer”, but for eBook readers, the battery life might be a deal-breaker (the Kindle can last “days”). For the magazine reader, web browser and other short-term activities, the interest is much higher, obviously. What do you think?

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