ATI FirePro V8750 hits 2GB mark

ATI pooh poohs whatever economic crisis that the world is going through now by offering their latest graphics card, where it will cost a whopping $1,800 thereabouts. Of course, at that price, you would definitely have pretty high expectations of this, and we’re pretty interested to see whether ATI fulfils those expectations or not. Targeting the workstation crowd, this GPU will boast the highest number of shader engines (800) with the highest memory bandwidth (115.2 GB/s) in the entire 3D professional graphics offerings today, enabling professionals to render incredibly complex models and photo-realistic images in real-time. Boasting a whopping 2GB of memory, you can be sure that its rivals are currently eating the trail of dust the FirePro V8750 left behind. [Press Release]

Publisher’s note: “Pro” GPUs typically use a hardware that is very close to consumer cards. The difference is mostly found in the OpenGL driver, which has more app-specific optimizations. Also the 2GB is important because CAD users display massive amounts of geometry or volumetric textures.

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