Barnes & Noble eBookStore Announced

Barnes & Noble, a giant US based book store, just announced its eBookStore that already features 700,000 eBooks – the largest eBook store according to the company. And that’s only the beginning as they expect the selection to grow very quickly. At the same time, Barnes & Noble also announced a partnership with Plastic Logic, an eBook device maker that we mentioned in the past. The Plastic logic eBook is very thin and does not have a keyboard (the Amazon Kindle does).

Finally, Barnes & Noble said that it will be serving every platform, including Apple’s handsets, but also BlackBerry phones and personal computers (PC/Mac). It will be interesting to see if a book bought on an iPhone can then be transferred to a BlackBerry, a PC or any other supported client (thanks to “social DRM”, we got confirmation). On the pricing side, B&N said that best sellers and new releases would be priced at $9.99, which is on par with Amazon’s current pricing. Which platform would you consume eBooks on? eBook, phone, computer (or all)?

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