BlackBerry To Create A Social Network

BlackBerry is said to launch its own social network tomorrow. First I’m not sure why that thing on the screenshot would be called a social network – it looks like a forum. Apparently, users are said to be able to rate apps, hence the “social network” aspect (so Netflix is a social network?). The good thing is that the system will filter out content that is not related the BlackBerry that you currently own or care about. According to some, this project is designed to help Blackberry with the relative lack of success for its app store.

It seems to me that developers defer developing on Blackberry as much as they can because they often hit java performance problems, graphics acceleration is non-existent or not exposed and the memory management is poor. What about fixing that? It would help get high-quality apps that would drive downloads and usage. This won’t be fixed with some marketing magic.

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