DustCart Robot Trash Collector

Who could forget about the super cute robot known as Wall-E? Well, this DustCart robot trash collector is part of the DustBot project, a $3.9 million research program which begun in 2006 that helps to implement robotics in society in various useful ways including cleaning up streets. Not only that, DustCart is able to collect trash “on-demand” by gathering real time data on the surrounding environment. Hopefully having robotic servants such as these won’t turn us humans into lazy bums who won’t have second thoughts about throwing away that ice-cream wrapper by the roadside just because you know DustCart is going to pick up after you. Interestingly, the DustCart robot comes equipped with special sensors it monitors air pollutants, such as nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, ozone, benzene, CO, CO2 and air temperature.

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