Leica Pinmaster computer caddy

The game of golf is an extremely challenging one, and more often than not you might find yourself losing your temper on the green just because the ball somehow seems to escape your telekinetic powers to have it go just where you want it to be. The Leica Pinmaster might help you improve though, as it offers a pin sharp view of the pin from wherever you are on the hole, beaming out lasers to let you know just how far the remaining distance is from where you are. This is made possible thanks to zooming using its 7x magnification capability while shooting a laser out in order to offer the correct distance up to 820 yards away, which will be shown on the LED panel. The Leica Pinmaster is adjustable to suit your eyesight and functions with glasses, working under governing body rules as well, placing this out of the realms of cheating. Surely £469 is not too much a price to pay for improving your game, right?

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