Netbook Sales Continue To Rise (Duh)

This should not surprise anyone: Netbook sales will continue to rise (to 33M units) dramatically while “Laptops” will stay flat (at 129M units), that’s according to DisplaySearch and NDP.

Quite frankly, customers don’t care one bit about the semantics of “Netbooks versus Laptops”. What they see (and want) is a cheap computer, and they expect it to behave like as such, that’s why Windows Netbooks have been getting bigger (more comfortable) but also slightly more expensive.

It’s not the size, it’s not the price, it’s not the speed, it’s not the battery life, but it is the best ratio between all that you and us are interested about, right? This seems like a “duh”, but who cares if it’s an atom, CULV or Core Duo? The only question is: is it “does it do what I want, at this price?”

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