RunCore offers new SSDs for netbooks

RunCore is now working hard to bring a new line of SSDs that will target netbooks, helping current hard drive-laden netbooks replace their slower storage devices with SSDs. Depending on your budget, you can replace the hard drive with SSDs that range anywhere from 32GB to 256GB, although we’re pretty sure not many people would want to downgrade from the industry average of 160GB when it comes to netbook hard drives. RunCore’s new Pro IV SSDs will come in 1.8?, 2.5″ and PCI-E form factors, where those are further broken down into SATA and PATA versions. Available from next month onwards, prices of these RunCore offerings range from $179.99 for a 32GB drive to $899.99 for the 256GB drive. [Homepage > Computers and was tagged with ssd.

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