ViewSonic launches an onslaught of Netbooks, Nettops

ViewSonic is launching a bunch of Atom-based products: four Nettops (OT120, VOT121, VOT130, VOT132) and two Netbooks (VBN100, VNB101). ViewSonic is usually associated with Monitors (they were big in the CRT days), but it seems that the display market has been commoditized to death, and from what we can tell, the Netbook business is actually a higher margin one, if you can believe it.

All products are somewhat similar to what can be found on the market today. The built quality seems slightly higher than the average product in this category, but without a hands-on, it’s impossible to tell. Anyway, our favorite Netbook in this lineup is the VOT132, a slim chassis with an NVIDIA Ion inside. That might be a great media player. On the Netbook front, the VNB101 seems well designed, but doesn’t distance itself from what’s already available out there.

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