RadioShack Netogether in SF and NYC   Techmakeovers

I (Eliane, Ubergizmo) was with Beth Blecherman (Techmamas) this morning at the Justin Herman Plaza in front of the ferry building in San Francisco, hosting Tech Makeovers at the Radioshack Netogether. My colleagues from Gadgetspin, Gina Hugues (TechieDiva) and Ponzi Pirillo (, were hosting Techmakeovers as well and watching us from New York (photo).

Some lucky people with broken old phones, fried computers, super old Mp3 players and lost cameras got new edgy gadgets, courtesy of Radioshack. We are going back there today at 3 pm (San Francisco) and tomorrow at 8.30 am (San Francisco) for more Tech makeovers. Watch the event live on the internet or come with us and get a chance to get a new cool gadget, there will be a tons of other activities going on both in New York and San Francisco today and tomorrow, check out the schedule.

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