The inside scoop about the Apple Tablet (well, maybe)

Brian Lam has received an enigmatic call from someone who claims to be an iPhone insider. After a lengthy discussion that lasted over one hour, Brian believes to “a high level of certainty” that the information is legitimate. Here are the highlights:

  • The Tablet is basically a 10″ iPod Touch that comes with or without webcam (education version).
  • It can be used as a touchpad for Macs
  • It will most likely be launched for the holiday season
  • The price will be around 700 to $900 (!!)

If that’s true, the Tablet would instantly benefit from a flurry of applications, provided that developers handled multiple screen resolution properly. If it is not really compatible, we can at least expect apps to arrive very quickly, as it will use the same SDK than the iPhone. I would also expect the overall performance to be higher because Apple now has more options for cooling (even active cooling). Obviously, this is unconfirmed speculation, but it’s really fun to discuss it.

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