US wireless consumers pay the most, but do they get the most?


The US seems to be leading in highest average monthly costs at $53 while Sweden and Finland record the lowest average at $11 for service costs. Interestingly, the US has only 83% penetration with 263 million subscribers while Sweden and Finland record 113% and 115% respectively for percentage of penetration with a combined 11.1 million subscribers. This is in contrast to the yearly outgoing minutes per capita which puts Sweden and Finland at 1714 and 2567 minutes while US records 1453 minutes.

Given the very low averages for some countries, we guess that pre-paid plans might have been taken into account,We wouldbe surprised if there was an actual $11 (or less) plan in Sweden. Still, thissupposedly represents a monthly average cost for users of these respective countries. Do you feel like wireless pricing in the U.S has gone the same way healthcare did?

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