Golden Buddha cellphone

The Golden Buddha cellphone supposedly comes with genuine jade, pearl powder lacquer and a 24k gold plated finish – sounds pretty expensive despite its vendor, Chinavasion not really offering anything on the high end scale to date. This is described as “the single best phone for the successful businesswoman that wants to announce her elite status to the world.” I don’t know about you, but there are numerous methods for one to announce her elite status to the world, and some of them do include bling phones from Vertu that’ll outclass this handset any day. Apparently, this handset is meant to help you whenever you’re filled to the brim with stress (being an elite and all), taking refuge in its Virtual Prayer Hall to help you send some quick SOS prayers to the Supreme Buddha. We would think a lady of such stature might probably settle for a relaxing spa session followed by retail therapy afterwards to get away from the stress…

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